Dessert Goats out for a run (Antelope)


9 x 12 Original Waterpainting


Whenever we drive to La Grande or Boise, we look for these amazing animals in the fields and on the hills.  Their coloring is such that they blend in, so you need sharp eyes to find them, and, considering they are the fastest land mammal in North America – you have to look “quickly!”  While working on this painting at Mad Mary’s in Joseph Oregon, a lady commented… “Oh, Dessert Goats!” which made me laugh.  We raise goats, and if they get into the garden they are truly pests… but I think the Antelope are much prettier.

Why Do I paint Antelope?   Because on occasion I dream for the speed of the Antelope!

Have you ever wanted to run away from your life? Sometimes I do.  I’ve been there. There have been times when I felt I couldn’t take one more question – one more demand – or one more emotional attachment. Times when I wanted to run away.

I have come to realize that when I dreamed for the speed of the antelope to take myself away from the frustration of life – God has given me a different speedy solution – the solution of prayer. God made Himself known through scripture and has assured us, in his word, that through Jesus we have the ability to speak directly to Almighty God! He desires for me to to express my struggles to Him. He has also given us that assurance that He is there – with me, and with you. He cares for us – and His strength can get us through the troubles. Once I take the opportunity to bow my head and leave it all in Gods hands, following through with simply obedience – performing the task that He has set before me – and expressing my thanks to Him for the options of trying to find the right answer, the strength to perform what is asked, and His love to share with others…. once I do this – my desire for the speed of the antelope disappears.

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