Selections of Crystal’s work are consigned or displayed through the following galleries and organizations.

Fine Night Gallery




Contributor to /  friends of:

2 Have and 2 Fold:  Templates for crafting and design!

A Joyful Cottage Shop:  Artists (and friends!) Dennis and Nancy Reinke. Rex Woodmore, artist in Australia maintains a wonderful site of Christian Artists –  and he included me!

Dahlonega Morgans:  Beautiful Morgan horses

hi-regards:  Handmade Cards

Hearts Desire Arabians:  Looks like this link is temporarily down.

The Type B Mom:  Blog by friend Sarah Bryant… homeschooling mom extraordinaire.

Tender Oak Labradors:  The cutest Labrador puppies anywhere!

Swift Design Solutions:  Design and Marketing Solutions

Cornerstone Farms JV:  Stewardship of the Land  An artist / friend who lives in Australia: Rex Woodmore