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Past Events

Wallowa Valley Arts Council
Youth Arts Festival
April 22, 2017

Wallowa Senior Center
Spring Fling Bazaar
April 8, 2017

Josephy Center

Women’s Art Exhibit
April 26 – March 29th, 2016



Crystal (Carr) Newton began drawing at the age of 13 when she came out of her room with a pencil drawing of a hawk. She continued drawing animals throughout her Jr. and Sr. high school years – especially enjoying drawing big cats. During high school, she exhibited her work for the first time at the Del Mar fair receiving a honorable mention for one of the drawings.

During college, Crystal took classes focusing on Graphic Design. Several of her professors encouraged her to continue developing the fine art portion of her portfolio, but the appeal of the computer as a tool – and a need to produce an income – swayed her towards graphic design.  This focus did not stop her from continuing to hone her drawing and painting abilities with work that was used in her school’s yearbook, in multiple publications at the collage and to a select number of collectors.

While in college, Crystal participated in the “Night in Fullerton” art event; exhibiting a collection of her drawings.

After receiving her degree in Graphic Design from Pacific Christian College (now Hope International University), Crystal began her career in the graphic arts field. She and a friend pooled their resources and opened a Graphic Design / Printshop in Orange County California.  In this business, Crystal’s artistic abilities enhanced the marketing materials of many businesses.

Moving to beautifully inspirational Wallowa County in Oregon provided Crystal with an opportunity to focus on her fine art. Her recent works exhibit a blend of medias and styles – while reflecting the Christian values that have provided meaning in her life.

A while back, my husband and I had the opportunity to slow down and meander through a local “artist” community. The alluring scent of coffee dogged our steps as we visited one quaint shop after another. The windows were carefully arranged displaying the products and wares the local artisans had so dillegently produced. We enjoyed the morning, and lunch at a lovely cafe, but as the afternoon wore on – we began to notice a pattern. The longer we were there, the less appealing the artwork became. Many of the galleries had work from more than one artist; but we came to the conclusion that most of the artists had gotten their inspiration from the same place – and it was an empty place.

We discussed the feeling this work gave us, and came the conclusion that with only a few exceptions, we wouldn’t want these images in our home. The images often glorified the human body, sexuality or even pain and death. These non-inspirational images aren’t what I want influencing my life – and somehow, I doubted it was what the average person would wish to focus on. It is said that the art a society produces indicates the direction the society will take in the future. After spending a little time browsing around those galleries – I certainly hope not!

Much of the artwork Tim and I looked at was produced with a very high degree of skill. The artist represented in that location are indeed a very talented group of individuals. I only hope they find something to portray that is worthy of praise and adoration!

After viewing these works  – I choose to present an alternative. Artwork from a different viewpoint. Yes, some of my work may make you think – but it is my intent to make you think about something worthy of your praise.