What do you want to feel when viewing art?

I recently perused an article on the Huffington Post website.  ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/22/how-to-act-at-an-art-muse_n_6023610.html )  This article pointed out that many people are disappointed when visiting a typical art gallery. The verbal contrast of “what you expect from the art gallery visit” with “what you actually get from the art gallery visit”, points out that most people’s expectations do not match the actuality of the gallery experience.  The author of this article does not attempt to sway people’s opinion of their gallery visits, but rather suggests that perhaps we are expecting too much from the artwork.  While on one level, this is mildly amusing, on another, it is a sad confession of the state of the typical art gallery.  While this article attempts to put the “blame” for the viewers disappointment on the viewer, (or to find a way to make one feel more at ease with this unfulfilled expectation) perhaps it is actually an illustration of the fact that most art work does not reflect what the typical viewer would like to experience?

While it is true there are a few people in civilization who enjoy meditating on the morose, or the macabre, isn’t the average person looking to have their day brightened by perhaps just a glimpse of something above, something beyond, something more?

What do you think?


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