When your church is about to move from a beautiful, 120 yrs. old, well-loved building (with no more room for expansion) to a brand new facility that has been in the planning stages for 15+ years; treasures previously stored in barns come to light. In this case, old stained glass windows. Not the type with beautiful pictures (those have been lovingly maintained throughout past updates) but lovely non-the less.

The age and condition of the windows, however, necessitated some tender loving care. So, the studio has temporarily become a place of restoration for these lovely old windows.

Many hands have joined in the process; for simultaneous conversation and paint stripping. However, when it is only me, I sometimes imagine that my grandfather is standing right next to me helping. He taught me many of the skills that are being used in this process and instilled in me a love of old wooden things becoming new.

As soon as they are completed and hung on walls – I will snap a photo of the installation for your viewing.