Himalayan Poppies and Butterfly


Framed 11 x 14 Acrylic Painting on canvas paper.  2017


I have always wanted to grow Himalayan Poppies.  The color is what I would call “unfathomable blue”.  Of course, I love blue in the first place, so perhaps that’s only my perspective?  I did try to grow some of these blue beauties when we lived in Washington, but apparently the conditions weren’t quite right.  Butterfly bush, however, did grow quite well in that area; attracting Swallowtails and other lovely fluttery wings…  I am convinced that the conditions for such a beautiful combination to appear in my garden are not likely to happen here on earth; guess I have just one more thing to look forward to in heaven!

Framed Original Acrylic painting, 11 x 14

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