The Best Way to Fly


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11″ x 15.5″ original watercolor painting on watercolor paper.

1 in stock


This painting was inspired by the cool confidence of a horse and rider sailing over a course of fences.   I was blown away by the ease with which the mare glided over the fences.  Having ridden a few horses over a few small obstacles, I admire with greater appreciating, the riders skill at balancing in the stirrups.

Is this really the best way to fly?  I admit that I love horseback riding and wish I could ride a course such as this.  However, I am looking towards a future where I fly a lot farther – and a lot higher.  This future, that I know is coming, will also have no end to it.  I am looking toward eternity with God in heaven.  Imagine the horseback rides we can enjoy there!