Things that Fly

  • Long May She Fly

    Happy Fourth of July America!  I enjoyed revisiting this concept of a creative blending of an eagle and the American flag.  The first time I painted this combination, it was for the Veterans Administration offices in Enterprise, Oregon.   This painting may be said to be a mixed media… thought the non-watercolor accents are very small.

  • Approximately 8 x 11 watercolor painting.  Completed Jan. 2018
  • 9 x 12 Original Watercolor

    Last year while driving along a newly harvested grain fields I noticed flashes of blue.  Fascinated, I stopped the car to observe.  Eventually I identified the flickering blue splashes as Mountain Bluebirds.  I love their vibrant blue against the golden stubble in the field.

  • Such a beautiful butterfly!  Maybe I think so because I love blue?  I also enjoy the iridescent shimmer on the glittery wings.

  • Butterflies can be so quick… you catch a flash of a beautiful wing, and by the time your camera is in the right spot, the flying wonder is off-center or even gone.  This painting pays respect to that phenomena.
  • Framed 11 x 14 Acrylic Painting on canvas paper.  2017
  • For the past few years a few Cedar Waxwings have visited our yard seeking crab apples. This year, however, I was enthralled to see a few hundred wheeling in flight over Enterprise. I remember my mother pointing out these birds to me when I was a child living in Baker City, Oregon. Now that I live in Wallowa County, I get to enjoy them every fall for a short while as they gather in my yard and around the city. They enjoy the leftover apples hanging in the mostly leaf-less trees before heading off to their winter living areas. I wonder where these specific birds end up? If they were still here at Christmas... I think they would really enjoy a wagon full of apples.
  • Prints, Cards and Home Decor items imprinted with this image are available through Fine Art America.
  • This painting was inspired but Pantone's 2016 "color of the year" which strangely, was actually two colors.  I imagined a regal swan, gracefully gliding over the water, partially obscured by mist... and that moment when the swan comes completely into view.
  • 24" x 12" Original Acrylic painting on stretched canvas.