Crystal gets a significant number of requests to donate her artwork or time to worthy causes.

In 2016 she was happy to be able to create a reduced-cost mural for the Veterans Administration.

In 2017 Crystal began helping a class at a local school that desires to paint their mascot on a wall. (We hope to complete this project as soon as the weather permits).

Crystal is committed to regularly assisting her church, Enterprise Christian Church, with multiple creative projects.  Most years our Vacation Bible School set decoration is a big deal, a ton of fun, and a ton of work: impossible without the many helpers who show up to make it happen!  Vacation Bible School at Enterprise Christian Church is typically attended by over 150 Wallowa County children, and we love seeing their expressions as they discover what has been created for them each year.

Please be aware that we actively seek out philanthropy efforts that fit within her range of skills and world view.  Crystal may enjoy depicting animals in her artwork, however, it is our believe that human lives are far more valuable than animal lives.  Don’t misunderstand us – we believe that humans should (and do) make efforts to preserve the lives of animals.  However, we are far more inclined to support efforts that promote human lives than that of animals.

Crystal’s heart regularly breaks over the mistreatment and misfortunes of children – most of whom are not in the United States – who have no homes, fresh water or food, are dressed in rags, and often forced into lives of absolute despair.  This is where Crystal’s donations and efforts typically go.

If you do happen to run into Crystal at a local art fair or Bazaar, you can often observe that she enjoys encouraging children to be creative – and as time permits, will often show them painting or drawing technics, or give them an Artist Trading Card – asking that they create one and give it back to her.

So – Thank you for thinking highly enough of Crystal’s work that you would like to include it in your fundraiser. In spite of her belief that giving back is a huge priority, she can’t donate all of her time, or she would not be able to make a living!