Here at Crystal’s Fine Art we have some specific ideas about shipping your valuable piece of art.  We believe that protecting the work is paramount.  We may have all enjoyed the funny videos depicting UPS and FedEx’s handling technics, such as this one:   (Not that we actually believe that’s what these companies do.)  But even imagining an original piece getting handled in that manner gives us nightmares!

So – in order to help us sleep better, we went searching.  We diligently reviewed countless galleries methods, we created custom made boxes, we made notes, punched holes in cardboard, cut out 20 different shapes – folded, taped and added padding.  We even looked at a really cool (and really large) machine that would custom make a box out of flat sheets of cardboard.  After a considerable amount of thought and effort we finally concluded that we were not in the box-making business.  (Admittedly it may have been a “duh” moment.)

Back to our search… Eventually we had a “Eureka moment”! We found a company that makes boxes designed specifically for shipping artwork!

This company makes two different styles of boxes.  One style is for shipping artwork that is not framed.  This box is created with a special lining that resists punctures – without the weight of plywood.  The second style of box is for artwork that is already framed.  These boxes comes with the same puncture resistant liner and two layers of foam.  One layer can be custom formed to the art.  Now we aren’t going to kid you – these boxes aren’t the cheapest thing on the block –  but then, protecting one-of-a-kind original artwork is worthy of a safekeeping investment.  On top of that compared to our own efforts at box making – this product is far superior.

We also found a product that can be adhered to glass for shipping.  While the product does not guarantee the glass will not break, it does capture the shards to protect the artwork if such a disaster were to occur… and while replacing glass in a framed picture is troublesome – damage to the artwork itself could, in many cases, proof unrepairable.

In addition to shipping your artwork in these custom made boxes, we also insure the work through whichever shipping company we use.  So, even if your package accidentally gets featured in a UPS blooper reel – your investment is insured.

Using these custom made boxes adds two or three days to the shipping time for your artwork as we custom order the box.  As of January of 2018 we will be reviewing our shipping and handling fees (which, for the most part have been a flat rate) to see if these custom artwork shipping boxes will necessitate a change.  But for now – we just thought you might appreciate knowing how much though and effort (and sleepless nights) we put into your custom artwork.