For those of you who have space that is too tight for canvases and frames of traditional sizes… welcome to the world of miniatures!  Fun little paintings that can be hung almost anywhere.  These tiny pictures are wonderful hung all by themselves, or grouped together for a display that invites you to stop a while and enjoy the details.  The challenges involved in creating these pictures include purchasing magnifying glasses and very small brushes… but the results are worthy of the investment.


One form of miniature artwork which artist often create are “ATCs” or Artists Trading Cards.  Artist trading cards are specifically sized: 2.5 x 3.5″ cards that created for the purpose of trading with friends and other artists.  Crystal enjoys painting ATC’s to use as giveaways and testing various compositions and colors for future paintings.

Galleries and museums occasionally host shows focused on ATC’s… If you ever get a chance to attend one –  expect to spend considerably more time than you anticipated enjoying these tiny jewels.

Miniature Exhibitions

Several organizations exist for the express purpose of revealing to the world the marvels of miniature paintings.

Occasionally galleries and museums host exhibitions of miniature paintings.

Galleries are sometimes devoted to miniatures:

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