Crystal often contributes artwork or efforts towards the community she lives in, as well as organizations who focus on helping other people around the world.

Here are a few projects she is currently involved in:

Helping Children in Uganda

Crystal is working with a group of artist to create a book of art and photography that detail beauty and poverty from Uganda side by side.  This project is to benefit Kampala Childrens Home in Uganda.  More details to follow.

Wallowa High School Mural:

A class of high school students in Wallowa are planning to brighten up their buildings with a mural of their school mascot.  Crystal is helping the students accomplish this goal.  The “logo” for the school was chosen, and needed to be colorized and digitally prepared so that it can be transferred to the wall and painted by the class.  Crystal provided this service and presented some options to the class.  Since the painting will be on an outside wall, the weather is currently an obstacle to completing this project, so we are watching for some warm period to complete the project.  Stay tuned for more information and some pictures of the process and completed mural.